Remove additional languages from Windows 10 after 1803 upgrade

After I completed a recent upgrade of Windows 10 to 1803, I noticed that my English (United Kingdom) language had been joined by English (United States) and that I couldn’t remove this from the system.

After a bit of research I came across the following article that demonstrated how the additional language can be removed using PowerShell –

Nice and cleanly I no longer have the “ENG” menu in my task bar to switch to a language I don’t need.

One thought on “Remove additional languages from Windows 10 after 1803 upgrade

    1. It’s all based on what the underlying language settings were when Win10 was installed either at the factory or when it’s reimaged. I’ve found that when you buy Dell hardware in the UK, the locale is still based on an English US build by default.

      If it doesn’t disappear in future builds I have found you need to add the US language back in and then remove it.

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