It’s been a long time

Well it’s been over a month since I last wrote something here (not including the facebook bit I just published) and that’s mainly been due to the fact I now have a job and am incredibly busy.

I now work for Wavex where I am a Service Desk Engineer. Since starting there I have been incredibly busy and just not found the time to actually write anything here. My day starts at 6:45 am when my alarm goes off and I am out of the door 30 minutes later. I get the 0724 train from Leatherhead up to Waterloo and spend most of that time trying to complete the Solitaire game on my phone. Initially I got the tube but found that the Central line is possibly the most painful 5 minutes of my life each day so I have started walking from Waterloo to Holborn which makes the journey much more interesting and actually takes about the same time. My day doesn’t end in London until 6 and then by the time I am hope it’s normally around 7:30 and I just don’t want to have to worry about using a computer again until the next day.

Work is great fun and the office is incredibly relaxed – Jeans and T-shirt beats a suit any day. I find the work challenging and also incredibly rewarding as you never know who is going to phone you up next. Hopefully this is going to be something that I can develop and start to understand and learn more about IT.

I must admit that when I got the call from the HR manager at work saying that he had read this Blog I was slightly worried that the content may have been slightly random and odd for potential employers to be reading but having been at Wavex for a month and a bit now I can see that the sort of things here fit in with the way the company works!

Positive Job News

I haven’t been around for a while to write something new here and as this is now the end of my last week of post student – pre work time I thought I would add something new!

For those of you who don’t know I now have a job at a nice company in London called Wavex. Wavex are a company who support other clients hardware and software, ensuring they keep a maximum uptime. My role within the company is to work as a “Service Desk Engineer” answering calls as and when they come in. Everyone in the office seems very nice and I am looking forward to starting work there. The only downside is, in some people’s eyes, that I have to commute every day into London. This doesn’t bother me and I quite enjoy the hour I get to sit and read the paper whilst listening to my tunes as I sit on the train.

All this positive news is good and is a relief to both myself and my parents for differing reasons. I spent a long time applying for jobs through the Reed and Monster websites but nothing came of them. The one interview I had was with a company in reigate who sent me a very blunt “you didn’t get the job” letter with no reasons why after what I had believed to be a positive interview – Oh well, their loss! I also didn’t want to have to spend a year or so working in an admin role and then hope to move through a company into IT which is what a Dorking based recruitment agency said. This same agency managed to arrange an interview for me earning significantly less than I am going to be earning but failed to send me the correct information so I was unable to turn up. Well done guys!

Right – that’s enough for now. I will find more useful/interesting things on the internet soon and post them here for you all to see!

Job updates and Old Boys Weekend

It’s a bit of a busy time at the moment with the job hunt in full swing and Old Boys weekend in the near future I have lots to be thinking about.

Having spent the weekend on the Reed recruitment and monster websites I managed to apply for 75 different jobs. Most of these I don’t expect to get further than clicking the “Apply” button but I am hoping that a few will get back to me and ask me to come and be interviewed.

I also applied to a job at the Denman Group in Reigate which I had seen in the local paper and I went for an interview there on Monday of this week. The location was superb – a farm in rural surrey – and the job was doing what I find most interesting – supporting users.

A few weeks ago I completed an online test for a company called Wavex who are based in Holborn in London. Wavex came across as a very impressive company from their website and when I completed the test I felt I had not done well enough to get any further. A week or so later I received an email saying that I had done well at the test and they would like to have me back for a phone interview. I spoke with their Helpdesk manager at the end of last week and was told they would like me to come in for a face-face interview to further assess my suitability. Unfortunately they have currently scheduled a date for when I am unavailable so I am trying to get this rearranged.

Old Boys is looking like it’s going to be a good weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing all the current HB students who I haven’t seen for a while and the graduates who have left and are coming back to Durham again. It’s also going to be a good chance for me to come to terms with the situation between me and Kate. Since we split up in May I don’t think we have had a proper chance to spend time together. I think I need to use this weekend to fully sort my feelings and just get used to the fact we are just friends now.

I am slightly annoyed that the £1.50 pints that used to be a good “two-coiner” at the bar have gone up to £1.55 and as such I am going to have to buy a pint and pack of McCoy’s to spend a nice £2.00 at the Vernon.

Hopefully I will have a job by the start of November and will be able to start paying off my student loan and will have got my life back in order as well.

Presentation over!

Well, that was possibly the most stressful presentation I have ever tried to do.

Once I had completed the first phase in Premiere I exported the video as uncompressed and the resulting file was 13GB in size! I stuck the video into AVI2DVD in an attempt to author it successfully however this decided that it would author the first 4:54 but not the remaining part of the video! This stressed my dad out and didnt make it too easy for me. At the end of it all I managed to get it working but it did involve me taking my computer into Downsend in order to run the presentation off it.

When I got there PMI were happy to DI my PC into their sound rig so that people could hear the presentation. We tested it – all working OK. Parents started to arrive and my computer sat there running well. The event started and just before the presentation was due start I realised that my screensaver had kicked in and was password protected. I had to crawl in front of the stage, put the password in and make sure the presentation was working properly. How embarassing!
All ended up working as it should do and the children clapped along with the music and people were happy. There was a lot of positive feedback after the event which was good to see – I now need to beat this years presentation next year!!!


Why, oh why do gui’s have to be so difficult to write… or more to the point why can I not find the motivation to either do it properly or get a gui builder to create exactly what I want it to???

I wouldnt mind so much but my PDA’s JVM wont accept swing which seems to make making the GUI harder.

I may have just found a plugin for eclipse that does it for me…. Let’s see what happens!