Opsview users – beware javascript-common package

I have just come across an interesting issue with my production Opsview server where the web interface was loading successfully on http://<server>:3000 however http://<server> through the apache proxy was not working following an upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04

The upgrade process went smoothly and everything looked OK having reinstalled Opsview (the upgrade process will uninstall the package but the data is kept in the databases) except for the fact that I couldnt expand any of the menus across the top of Opsview and a small box had appeared under the search bar.

Opsview 3.7.0 with Javascript Error

A bit more research in my browser showed the following errors:

Opsview errors

Following on from this I popped a quick email to the opsview-users distribution group. to find out if they were aware of any issues with the upgrade process. I reviewed the Apache proxy config and replaced this with the stock one from the new Opsview install. This didnt help.

Next I ran through disbaling and re-enabling the three proxy modules and reloading apache a few times and still no joy.

Feedback from the mailing list suggested that the proxy config was correct but to try accessing the javascript file http://<server>/javascript/prototype.js (this returned a 404 error) and to also look at the apache error logs at the same time.

The logs from apache gave me the following:

I would expect the path for the javascript to be /usr/local/nagios/share/javascript/… and not just /usr/share/javascript. I double checked my apache config and ran through all the configuration files that were included. excluded the /etc/apache2/conf.d directory and reloaded Apache. The result… Opsview loaded and displayed correctly:

Going back through the different files in the directory I came across javascript-common.conf which has the following code in it:

I removed the symlink, re-enabled the conf.d directory in the apache config and all looked good.

Having a quickl look round I couldnt find any reason for the package being installed on my machine so I removed it and restarted apache followed by an apt-get check to see if there were any broken dependencies and there were none.

Upshot of all of this… Unless you want all your Javascript to be in one location dont install the javascript-common package.