Exam Success: 70-647 – Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator

I’ve passed

Following a long break from completing my MCSA: Messaging in Server 2003 I have finally got round to updating this for the modern era and upgraded this first to MCTS in Windows Server 2008 and finally this afternoon completed my 70-647 exam to attain the qualification of Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator.

For those of you with an MCSA in Windows Server 2003 the upgrade is done with the following exams:

  • 70-648 – TS: Upgrading from Windows Server 2003 MCSA to, Windows Server 2008, Technology Specializations. This is equivalent to completing the following two exams 70-640 and 70-642
  • 70-680 – TS: Windows 7, Configuring. This is the client exam required as part of the qualification
  • 70-643 – TS: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring
  • 70-647 – Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator

Once Microsoft confirm it on the MCP site I will update the qualifications links on the left with the new logo.

Degree Complete

Well after 3 years and lots of boring modules and work my degree programme is completed. ASAM exam officially ends in 5 minutes but I left early as I had done all i could do.

Now all I need to do is wait for the AUT stuff to be resolved so I can get a mark for the year!

Overall i am HAPPY!!! that the degree is over and bring on 3 weeks of pissed drunkenness

Revision & Degree

Having paid the ITS £66.16 I am now +929 printer credits which seems a lot but.. I need to print off my lecture notes for the past term/year so that i can revise and pass my exams.

I had a meeting with the director of undergraduate studies in the department and he told me that at todays Senate there may be the possibility that I am allowed to graduate with honours. The system will definately be in place for next year and it is currently undecided as to whether or not to bring it in a year  early – lets hope they do!

Now I have that printing has finished (and I still have 671 printer credits) the task of actually doing some work before exams start in 9 days is on!