Presentation over!

Well, that was possibly the most stressful presentation I have ever tried to do.

Once I had completed the first phase in Premiere I exported the video as uncompressed and the resulting file was 13GB in size! I stuck the video into AVI2DVD in an attempt to author it successfully however this decided that it would author the first 4:54 but not the remaining part of the video! This stressed my dad out and didnt make it too easy for me. At the end of it all I managed to get it working but it did involve me taking my computer into Downsend in order to run the presentation off it.

When I got there PMI were happy to DI my PC into their sound rig so that people could hear the presentation. We tested it – all working OK. Parents started to arrive and my computer sat there running well. The event started and just before the presentation was due start I realised that my screensaver had kicked in and was password protected. I had to crawl in front of the stage, put the password in and make sure the presentation was working properly. How embarassing!
All ended up working as it should do and the children clapped along with the music and people were happy. There was a lot of positive feedback after the event which was good to see – I now need to beat this years presentation next year!!!

Dario G – Sunchyme

As the cat clearly doesn’t understand english a further shout of “BRRRRRRR!!!!” was heard!

I’m currently in the process of creating a DVD presentation set to Dario G’s Sunchyme and over the past 24 hours have heard the song about 1 000 000 times. It is starting to get quite tedious but in order to get the timings of the various clips accurate I need to listen to it over and over and over again!

Apart from that I have been to a White family lunch. My mum, dad and myself went over to see most of the my dad’s side of the family. We had a really nice meal and it was the first time we had all been together for a long time. My dad showed his complete dislike to animals by scaring off a random cat that had wandered into the garden – everyone was just ignoring the cat but when it walked towards my dad he just shouted at it to “GO AWAY”. As the cat clearly doesn’t understand english a further shout of “BRRRRRRR!!!!” was heard!

Simon “couldn’t make it” but I feel that he would rather spend time with friends over family… tut tut!

Right… off to sleep as I need to get up early tomorrow to sort out the rest of this bloody presentation!