Opsview Labs

I had an unexpected, but much welcomed, tweet today from the team at Opsview who would like to make use of some of my writing about Opsview on their own Labs blog. I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting the blog to be read and picked up in this way but I am pleased that I can hopefully reach a few more people with the data appearing on the Opsview Labs blog as well.


Website Migrated and Theme issues

Whilst trying to make the home page and blog page look the same I managed to break the wp-admin section of my blog. Thanks to the guys at Loho.co.uk they have migrated my whole site to a new platform where I can administer the site more efficiently and I have been able to remove the faulty theme. Hopefully I can fix what I broke but for now its going to be the standard WP theme.

Giving this blog a purpose

Having spent a long time ignoring this blog or simply linking to amusing things on the net that I found through sites like stumbleupon.com I think its time to try and focus what I am writing about and see if I can get a good set of useful articles written.

Having thought about it for about 5 minutes this morning I decided that it should be something related to what I do on a daily basis but also something that I have interest in otherwise what’s the point? Visualization was a first thought but I already read a good blog about vmware (http://www.techhead.co.uk) which I would probably end up plagiarising and isn’t the reason for this. The other thing that I am keen on at the moment in the world of technology is network monitoring and the technologies you can use for it.

Now I will say now I’m quite biased when I am looking at setting up a monitoring solution as I don’t really want to say for the extra hardware or software I use to monitor everything. This does mean I will look for a good open source application(s) to carry out a task and which I can customize rather than paying for a boxed product that does some of what I want to do but not everything.

Now I still like sharing interesting pages I find on the web but I may need to split the blog into 2 sections to look more professional… Still haven’t decided yet but don’t worry the random site links will still be there!

So what’s my first entry under the new incarnation of the blog? I think I will write up the “Howto” on building an open source monitoring machine that can keep an eye on your network. Expect it in a few days.

Blog and Gallery are reskinned

This evening I decided to update the software that ran my photo gallery and once that had gone through successfully I started to look at the themes available for it.

After trying, and rejecting, the Ocadia theme I looked at one which allowed me to change the colour and style. I liked the layout and feel of Andreas09 but I wanted to have a blue site and so after a bit of hacking about with the theme I have changed from the Water Drop theme to Andreas09 in blue. But I still wasn’t happy – people could change the colour scheme from my beloved Blue2 to some other crazy colour scheme that didn’t look nearly as good. So a small bit of code modification later and I have removed the combo box.

The final result can be seen by clicking on the Gallery link on the home page or by going to http://www.matthewjwhite.co.uk/gallery

Now that I had my gallery looking nice I decided that WordPress was looking rather dull and boring with its standard Kubrick theme and could do with a facelift. A quick stop at the site of the author of the gallery theme (http://andreasviklund.com) and I browsed through to find a similar theme that would fit my WordPress blog. I settled for Andreas 0.8 Version 1.0 which compliments the gallery and is a welcome change from the WP standard theme.

If you are reading this then you are likely to be looking at the theme right now but if you aren’t then by clicking on the Blog link from my home page or going to http://www.matthewjwhite.co.uk/blog/index.php will let you see the theme in all its glory.