Why all the anti-Facebookness

Anyone who uses Facebook will know that recently it has been through a massive facelift, with the introduction of new features such as the Feed and mini-feed as well as collapsable sections of the FB pages.

These changes have been met with much criticism as they are invading privacy and they should be removed because people cannot possibly bear what is going on. There are groups with over 500,000 people in protesting about it and I know that one of my friends has joined nine groups that protest against the new features. How do I know this? Did I find it on the feed when I logged in? Yes. But I could have found this out by simply clicking onto his profile and seeing that he is a member of these particular groups.

As the founder of Facebook stated in the site’s blog this new feature doesn’t make FB any less secure than it already was. “None of your information is visible to anyone who couldn’t see it before the changes. If you turned off your wall to non-friends, no one who is not your friend will be able to see a post on your wall. Your friends can still see it; it hasn’t changed.” Surely the point of the feed/mini-feed is that you can more easily see what YOUR FRIENDS are doing.

Now I am not saying that the new Facbook features aren’t without their flaws. The general layout of the profile pages is now more cluttered and less easy to navigate but these can be worked on. The ability to minimise sections you don’t want to read allows you to clear the pages up.

I have just discovered that if you minimise a particular section it will stay minimised for any profile you view. Even if you logout and back in it remembers what you did. If you don’t want to read people’s mini-feeds you can hide it. If you don’t want people to know who you are friends with then don’t use Facebook or MySpace or MSN’s Profile system. This latest update to FB has been an attempt to allow its members to more readily see what their friends are up to. If you are not a fan of what the site is then don’t be a part of it.