Dissertation in “Death March”


I think its finally time to admit that my dissertation is royally fucked. After spending this evening getting the first few bits of GUI working properly I have found that it is simply not running on the pda properly. It will run happily in eclipse but i receive lots of runtime errors on the PDA. I’m fairly sure its the VM and not the code but at the moment i may have to demo the software on the tablet pc’s in the techno cafe.

If someone can help me now is the time i need it most!


Why, oh why do gui’s have to be so difficult to write… or more to the point why can I not find the motivation to either do it properly or get a gui builder to create exactly what I want it to???

I wouldnt mind so much but my PDA’s JVM wont accept swing which seems to make making the GUI harder.

I may have just found a plugin for eclipse that does it for me…. Let’s see what happens!

Dissertation Fun

Well here is something else that I can successfully say is nothing to do with my dissertation. I have not long left until I have to submit my final report and at the moment I am really not feeling motivated enough to get on with it and complete it. Who would have thought that a small java application for a pda would be soo boring.

It has however made me realise that under no circumstances do i *EVER* want to become a software developer – hats off to those guys who enjoy it but it really isnt what I am looking for. I have decided that I would much rather work in IT support to begin with, get my MCSE and other qualifications and go from there to become a Network Admin or something similar.

I am still contemplating however the option of trying to get into theatre and doing something there. However going to my local theatre to see a comedy night made me realise just how little was going on there and that it really didnt seem a challenge to work in a nasty concrete building with lanterns and equipment that has been there since the building was constructed. We’ll see what happens – whether or not I decide to do that as a career is still under consideration. I will definately be doing some form of am-dram as that is brilliant fun and having done all the different shows in Durham I wouldnt want to stop. If anyone from Durham wants to see the shows I have been in then look here (you must be a DST member thought) http://www.dur.ac.uk/DST/document.php?DocumentID=271&id=926 At the time of writing I appear 21 times which isnt bad over 3 years!

Anyways.. I should probably be geting back to work as I have lots of writing to do and this has served as a welcome distraction from all my dissertation madness!