Once my gap year was over it was time to embark on life at university. At the start of October 2003 I nervously went for the first time to Durham. Having arrived I settled into my room in Hild Bede and within the first couple of days had met people who will be my friends for many years to come. At the freshers fair I joined a number of societies within college that I never did anything for but they seemed good fun at the time! I joined the Rifle Club at the start of the year as well but over the course of the three years I never once turned up to shoot!

One society I joined was the Drama Society which I have been heavily involved with for the three years that I was in Durham.


2004-2005 – Technical Manager

2005-2006 – President

As well as the college theatre I was also involved in Durham Student Theatre (DST) which is an umbrella organisation for all the different theatre companies within the university. In my second and third years at Durham I have been part of DST’s Technical Board – 2004-2005 Head of Sound & 2005-2006 Company Stage Manager/Assistant Tech Director. I have thoroughly enjoyed the theatre work that I have done – I never appeared on stage but made sure that the actors could be seen/heard on a number of occasions!!

As well as the work in the theatre I also spent most of my three years organising events within college. I was Hild Bede SRC Sound & Lighting Rep (now Technical Rep). In this capacity I sat on Ball Committee and Ents Committee for two years and was responsible for organising various events from SRC meetings to the Christmas and Summer Balls.

As part of Ball Committee I was responsible for building the following:

  • An oriental gate (Oriental Ball – Christmas 2004)
  • A Wonka Chocolate Factory logo (Chocolate Factory Ball – Summer 2005)
  • An 8′ high wardrobe (Narnia Christmas Ball – Christmas 2005)
  • A pirate ship (Shipwrecked Ball – Summer 2006)

I also helped with the decorations for the balls.

As part of Ents Committee I worked on the following events:

  • Freshers Fortnight 2004 & 2005 including
  • Hypnotist
  • IceBreaker Gameshow
  • 80’s – 90’s Night
  • Comedy Night
  • Numerous Comedy Nights for Caedmon Comedy Club
  • DJing at the bops after formal dinners

I also worked closely with the Film Society and various music nights held in the Undercroft to ensure that their equipment was in top working order.

Basically I spent most of my time in the theatre and very little time actually doing “real” work.