RSA Authentication Manager SQL bug

As part of a planned reboot of our client’s infrastructure last month we had an issue with the RSA server taking a *LONG* time to come back up (were talking hours not minutes). After logging a call with RSA they pointed out that Authentication Manager 7.1 has an issue with cleaning up the .sql files it creates as part of its standard operation and this has been resolved in SP4.

The .sql files that are generated are all saved in C:WindowsTemp and are in the format DbMgmtSqlScript*.sql with 1 or two generated per minute on the server. The content of the files is as follows

Whilst waiting for approval to install SP4 on the server I was looking for a fix as the RSA server has generated over 64,000 files this month and I stumbled across the following article ( which describes a nice batch file that can be used to clear out the .sql files on a daily basis:

That should carry out a workaround for the short term. Long term I would recommend that you install SP4 and Patch 4 which can be downloaded from the RSA website.