Blog and Gallery are reskinned

This evening I decided to update the software that ran my photo gallery and once that had gone through successfully I started to look at the themes available for it.

After trying, and rejecting, the Ocadia theme I looked at one which allowed me to change the colour and style. I liked the layout and feel of Andreas09 but I wanted to have a blue site and so after a bit of hacking about with the theme I have changed from the Water Drop theme to Andreas09 in blue. But I still wasn’t happy – people could change the colour scheme from my beloved Blue2 to some other crazy colour scheme that didn’t look nearly as good. So a small bit of code modification later and I have removed the combo box.

The final result can be seen by clicking on the Gallery link on the home page or by going to

Now that I had my gallery looking nice I decided that WordPress was looking rather dull and boring with its standard Kubrick theme and could do with a facelift. A quick stop at the site of the author of the gallery theme ( and I browsed through to find a similar theme that would fit my WordPress blog. I settled for Andreas 0.8 Version 1.0 which compliments the gallery and is a welcome change from the WP standard theme.

If you are reading this then you are likely to be looking at the theme right now but if you aren’t then by clicking on the Blog link from my home page or going to will let you see the theme in all its glory.

Install Vista without a CD key

Daniel Petri comes up with another great tip and insight into the way Microsoft’s software can be manipulated to do things you want to do. In this case how to trial different versions of Windows Vista. Once the activation deadline is reached you must put your legal key in for the version you installed to continue but… it does let you try the different versions first!

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