Apple iPhone…. My 3100 does most of that already

Well Apple have certainly done it again. The iPhone looks awesome and it really is a nice design and innovative solution to combining everything into one portable device. But I already have all I need.

My M3100 (HTC Hermes) has a powerful computer, it can do all my emails. POP, IMAP, Exchange – iPhone wont support this, i can take photos on it and view them as a slideshow, I can browse the Internet using 3G and even listen to my music on it. Granted I wont have anything as powerful as iTunes to play my music but to be honest if I wanted to listen to music i will use my iPod.
I would like to see if when rotated the other way, to shown in the video below, that the screen rotates like that as well – otherwise that’s a bit poo really! My screen will rotate and it also has a built in full QWERTY keyboard that will let me type messages to my hearts content.

I can look at all my contacts I can do everything I would want to do on my phone and some more.

Apple your phone is very pretty and I’m sure that it will sell really well but at the cost it is I cant see how I can afford to do it. My Hermes will keep me going for a year or two and by that time there will be something else that is newer and more cool and cheaper!

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  1. Ive said the same thing on my blow, i have an 02 XDA Mini (HTC Wizard) and although its not 3g i have a keyboard, sotaty screen and all the trimmings, the phone cost me £45 and another £40 for the 4gb sb card which still comes in way under the iphone. also ive heard that the iphone will limit the number of tracks you can store on it because theyre scared it will conflict with the ipod lol

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