Positive Job News

I haven’t been around for a while to write something new here and as this is now the end of my last week of post student – pre work time I thought I would add something new!

For those of you who don’t know I now have a job at a nice company in London called Wavex. Wavex are a company who support other clients hardware and software, ensuring they keep a maximum uptime. My role within the company is to work as a “Service Desk Engineer” answering calls as and when they come in. Everyone in the office seems very nice and I am looking forward to starting work there. The only downside is, in some people’s eyes, that I have to commute every day into London. This doesn’t bother me and I quite enjoy the hour I get to sit and read the paper whilst listening to my tunes as I sit on the train.

All this positive news is good and is a relief to both myself and my parents for differing reasons. I spent a long time applying for jobs through the Reed and Monster websites but nothing came of them. The one interview I had was with a company in reigate who sent me a very blunt “you didn’t get the job” letter with no reasons why after what I had believed to be a positive interview – Oh well, their loss! I also didn’t want to have to spend a year or so working in an admin role and then hope to move through a company into IT which is what a Dorking based recruitment agency said. This same agency managed to arrange an interview for me earning significantly less than I am going to be earning but failed to send me the correct information so I was unable to turn up. Well done guys!

Right – that’s enough for now. I will find more useful/interesting things on the internet soon and post them here for you all to see!