Microsoft Windows XP activation

Having re-cased a computer for a neighbour I was shocked to find out that it wouldnt simply re-activate (the only change to the hardware was the motherboard). In order to get through the activation process I had to:

  1. Phone Microsoft
  2. Key in the Activation Number given by the XP Activation Wizard
  3. Be told it was invalid
  4. Get transferred to a “Customer Services Representative”
  5. Read them the activation number
  6. Tell them it was an OEM key from a manufactured PC
  7. Change the product key (from something to the one on the old case)
  8. Generate a new activation key
  9. Read this back to the CSR
  10. Have them enter it incorrectly
  11. Re-read it to them
  12. Confirm they made a mistake
  13. Enter their half of the key
  14. Finsh

Or so I thought! The new problem came when I tried to Windows Update and I was told that somebody was trying to give me a counterfeit key and that I should look for a genuine key.

Only after a few reboots and ignoring their “you are illegal” messages did I successfully get it to WU and repatch itself

Why can MS not just make a system that works first time!

Snakes on a plane…

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

Well having heard all the hype about the film I was intrigued to see what it was all about so Kate and I decided to head down to Reading Vue to catch the film with possibly the biggest hype in recent history and see what it was all about.

It really didn’t live up to what I was expecting. The characters were fairly pointless, the CGI wasn’t brilliant and the fact that it had been “written” from contributions of various people showed as the story never really flowed correctly and the action seemed incredibly implausible. If you haven’t seen the film then stop now as this will “spoil” it for you.

The opening five minutes set the precident for the rest of the film as Nathan Phillips character witnesses the murder of some guy and is chased down by a local Triad boss who will do all he can to prevent him from testifying against him. In steps Samuel L to save Phillips from certain death at the hands of the henchmen before taking him back to the US to testify. The triads get pissed off and put a collection of exotic snakes onto the plane and spray all the flower necklasses with pheromones to make the snakes go “crazy”.

Half-way into the flight, the snakes are set loose and they start to bite people and cause panic. Captain dies as does the co-pilot and Jackson’s character is left to keep order. As with all these films the crappy characters are killed off and the stars survive to save the day.

There was a surprise performance from Kenan Thompson (of Kenan & Kel fame) as a bodyguard to the rapper who has an OCD over cleanliness.  The crowning moment of the whole film (apart from the final credits) was the quote from Jackson’s character “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!” Apart from this the dialog was fairly sub standard and uninspiring.

Kate did enjoy the snake specialist who was unwilling to come out because he had baby anacondas which had just hatched.

All in all a poor film with masses of hype that will make the director/producers/actors incredibly rich. If Samuel L Jackson hadn’t agreed to put his name to this then there is a good chance that the film would have flopped massively and been a failure throughout whereas it will be loved by many for being bad and a few people (myself included) will feel that our £5.50 was badly spent