From graduand to graduate

Well, I am no longer a student. I graduated on Wednesday and shook Bill Bryson’s hand. The ceremony was interesting and there are a number of photos available on facebook (click here to view). There will be more appearing there and on my photo gallery when I get round to uploading them.

The day wasn’t without issue however. Things kept going wrong:

  • I upset Kate – I’m very sorry
  • I lost both graduation tickets for my parents
  • I forgot my pink slip to collect my robes with
  • I upset Kate again – see above

None of the hurt was meant to be there but it has now happened and there is nothing more I can do about it. After much chat with the University secretariat I managed to get 3 nave seats for the ceremony (you are only supposed to have 2 – tee hee heee) and I talked to Kate and we are still friends.

I am now back home and very much unsure what to do. Job hunting doesn’t start until post Kenya and I will hopefully get myself a job in IT support at some point.

Right… off to fit my new heatsink to my computer.

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