Degree Complete

Well after 3 years and lots of boring modules and work my degree programme is completed. ASAM exam officially ends in 5 minutes but I left early as I had done all i could do.

Now all I need to do is wait for the AUT stuff to be resolved so I can get a mark for the year!

Overall i am HAPPY!!! that the degree is over and bring on 3 weeks of pissed drunkenness

Revision & Degree

Having paid the ITS £66.16 I am now +929 printer credits which seems a lot but.. I need to print off my lecture notes for the past term/year so that i can revise and pass my exams.

I had a meeting with the director of undergraduate studies in the department and he told me that at todays Senate there may be the possibility that I am allowed to graduate with honours. The system will definately be in place for next year and it is currently undecided as to whether or not to bring it in a year  early – lets hope they do!

Now I have that printing has finished (and I still have 671 printer credits) the task of actually doing some work before exams start in 9 days is on!

It’s Over

1st October to 2nd May was the official timeframe for my dissertation and project… The actual amount of time really spent on it was probably 20 march – 2 may!!!

Its done though and there is nothing that i can do to change that any more! i am now -850 printer credits with the ITS so I need to get that paid back before i graduate otherwise i wont graduate!

If you want to read the dissertation then its at

Dissertation deadline looming

It seems that all I am currently doing is writing up my dissertation and nothing else. I have spent the last week in the Techno Cafe in the Engineering Building. It’s a nice room to work in with little booths, laptops, tablets, smartboards and lots of spare network sockets and power to plug into. It has been my home from 9am – 5pm each day and has allowed me to actually get some work done.

I have now (i think) finished coding the system. Any further implementation just wont happen because I don’t have the time to finish the writeup as well as implement more stuff before 4:00pm tomorrow!

I have written chapter 1, most of chapter 3 and chapter 4. This does leave me with a Literature Survey which I am finding it increasingly hard to find anything useful for; a results/testing report and then conclusion and further work.

Once those are all written I still need to compile the whole report and hope that Microsoft Word doesnt want to fuck me about because that would possisbly be the most irritating thing possible.

For anyone who is interested in trying out the code feel free to download by default it extracts to c:Program Filesdissertation and then it runs Javaw -jar Dissertation.jar but feel free to do this however you feel. Don’t try to run it on a PDA because at the moment it is just raping memory and I have had errors throughout testing but it does run fine on my desktop machine.

Right – back to writing up the project – I will however post a pdf with all the writeup in it for you to read